Generate More Leads

Half the battle for a small business owner is bringing in a constant stream of sales leads. Not every lead turns into an actual sale, of course, but enough of them do that a large volume of leads becomes a large volume of sales. The best business owners know to cultivate many sources of leads; that way, if one or two stop producing, the others still bring in enough business to keep the company in the black.

The hub of all marketing activities for most modern businesses is the company website or blog, every page of which should be designed to bring in leads. Remember, every word on your website represents you and your product, so have your content professionally written and make it relevant to the needs of potential customers.

Social media is a great way to connect with potential clients, but be selective. Liking every page on Facebook or following every trend on Twitter may get some leads, but focusing on pages that potential customers are likely to view is a far more effective approach.

When done well, email marketing is a tremendously powerful technique that can bring in hundreds of sales leads. As with website content, email marketing content is king. For particularly valuable clients, consider direct marketing in the form of a hand-signed letter. In a world where most communications happen online, putting in the effort to send a hard copy can have a huge impact.

Networking, whether in person or online, is an essential part of the lead generating process. In particular, it’s possible to pull in tons of leads through cooperative marketing ventures with other companies. This can be as simple as agreeing to hand out one another’s business cards or as complex as creating a joint advertising campaign that markets two products or services together.

Much like a great company blog, a well-written newsletter can establish your business as the source of answers to common questions and solutions to common concerns. This sort of marketing builds a reputation as an industry leader, and people who subsequently need your product or service will turn to your business without direct solicitation.

Finally, there is no substitute for regular word of mouth to bring in interested customers. Build relationships with clients and offer a product or service that is truly memorable, and they will remember you in their conversations with others.

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