Marketing That People Will Love

The vast majority of marketing messages that people encounter today are, at best, annoyances. Consumers fast forward through commercials on television or get up to have a snack while waiting for the show to come back on. Internet users scroll past ostentatious banner adds to get to the website content they want to read. Junk mail and email alike end up in the trash, and telemarketers are lucky if anyone bothers to pick up the phone. If all of these messages were to disappear tomorrow, hardly anyone would miss them. In fact, many people would likely stand up and cheer.

For all that, companies keep using this junk marketing because it is cheap, easy to produce and does bring in some sales. However, there is a better way to build a strong marketing foundation and keep bringing in sales leads. Instead of annoying customers into purchasing their products, professional marketers know how to create messages that people will love.

The key to creating this sort of message is to incorporate independent value, which comes from reading the marketing materials rather than actually purchasing goods or services. For instance, a web design firm may update a blog with information on the latest trends in website construction and search engine optimization. A heating, venting and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor may send out a newsletter with maintenance tips at the beginning of the heating and cooling seasons. A private education company may host free seminars and classes. Every business is founded on some specialized expertise; when they share, people notice.

It may seem illogical to give away information that could just as easily be sold, but creating this independent value establishes a business as a go-to expert in its industry. A homeowner who reads that HVAC newsletter may turn to the company for professional help when his air conditioner breaks. Furthermore, he is very likely to refer acquaintances to the newsletter when they discuss their own HVAC concerns. In short, by sending out that information, the HVAC contractor secures a source of sales leads.

Small business owners who invest in marketing that people will love have the satisfaction of knowing they are making positive contributions to the market. They also establish relationships with potential clients that will keep a steady stream of revenue coming, even in tough economic times. Marketing with independent value is one of the biggest investments a company can make in its future.

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