You Can’t Accomplish the Goal if You Don’t Have a Target

Far too many small business owners take a scattershot approach to their marketing efforts. Believing the old adage that there is no such thing as negative publicity, they simply try to tell as many people about their products as possible and hope that some of them will be interested in buying. Generally speaking, this sort of marketing works insofar as it generates some sales, but it is not a terribly efficient or effective way to do business.

The problem with scattershot marketing is that it results in a great deal of wasted effort. For instance, a company that sells sports equipment might send out a mass email to thousands of people describing great deals on particular pieces of equipment. Even if the deals really are that great, a lot of the resources invested in such a marketing campaign produce nothing because many of the people who read the message do not play sports and have no interest in the product.

The most efficient way to market any product, then, is to start with a customer profile and target the message to speak directly to that type of customer. This process starts out with thorough market research, which may involve surveys, social media networking and showing up at trade fairs or community events. The best marketers learn their target customers’ languages and focus on the issues and desires that matter to them.

Similarly, the content of every marketing message should be completely relevant to the target customer rather than somewhat relevant to every customer. People may vaguely agree with messages that are vaguely phrased, but they will only spend their hard-earned money if they are convinced that the product is exactly what they need. In addition to information about the quality of a product, a great marketing message hooks the target customer with a description of how the product fulfills a specific need or addresses a specific issue.

Ultimately, the amateur marketer’s biggest mistake is trying to make customers who do not want or need a particular product buy it anyway. Professionals know that their job is to find people who already need something and show them why their products fulfill those needs. Targeted marketing is all about empathizing with a target audience, understanding why they buy products and then showing them exactly why the marketed product gives them what they desire. This is the approach that reaches marketing goals efficiently and consistently.

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