A Professionally Designed Website Makes a Difference

In the ancient world, names were said to have tremendous power. More than just a moniker, a person’s name was said to include his or her entire identity. The modern world has generally moved away from this emphasis on nomenclature, but it still exists in the world of marketing. Anything marked with your organization’s name or logo represents your organization, and potential clients will prejudge your product or service in light of that name. Marketing, then, is all about building a good name for your organization.

Today, nothing has a bigger impact on your organization’s name than the quality of your website. Almost anyone who takes an interest in your organization is going to look for information on the Internet, and the majority of potential clients spend enough time online to know a professionally designed website when they see one. A great design gives the impression that you know what you are doing and that you put some effort into setting a good example. Conversely, a bad design communicates a lack of professionalism, and customers will project their frustration with your website onto your product.

Besides making your business appear credible and professional, a great website communicates authenticity. People know when they see a genuine product and when they are looking at a cheap imitation, and unless they are specifically looking for junk, they will opt for the former. If your website is poorly designed, your marketing copy is badly written and your content pages are filled with sales pitches instead of useful information, potential clients will see your organization as inauthentic. Conversely, a well-designed website shows that your organization produces a genuinely great product.

In short, people recognize quality. A website that is easy to navigate, visually beautiful and filled with high-quality content will get noticed, and those who visit it will see your organization in a positive light. Since your website is the epicenter of all of your online marketing efforts, having an obviously excellent design makes everything else your organization does on the Internet more effective. Every forum comment, social media page or guest post that directs traffic back to your website will reap the rewards of an excellent design.

There are some places where trying to cut costs is appropriate, but web design is not one of them. An investment in a top-quality website is an investment in your organization’s name, one that will bring huge rewards in the short and long term.

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