Boost Your Facebook Engagement with Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the most popular Web sites, and it is not limited to just one demographic. It is an all-encompassing network that allows business owners to advertise to any or all of the billions of registered users. Still, many business owners are stuck trying to get “likes” and comments even from their existing fan base. Follow these tips to boost your Facebook engagement as well as your business profits.

Many people wonder how Facebook can actually make them money in the first place. Every business has a fan base, no matter how large or small it may be. Consider a dentist’s office that has just 30 loyal, enthusiastic clients who use Facebook and are willing to become fans of the dentist on Facebook. As the dentist posts interesting blurbs or funny pictures from the office, these 30 people are inclined to like these posts, comment on them, and potentially share them with their own network of friends.

Over time, people who appreciate the dentist’s insights or his sense of humor will also begin to like, comment on, and share his posts. In order to have the dentist’s posts automatically placed on their own news feed when they log in, they will become fans. These people are highly likely to schedule appointments with this dentist because of the trust and enjoyment that they feel. The fan base will grow from 30 to any number of fans, and many of these fans will spend money at the dentist’s office.

This may sound like a dream, but there are three easy ways to have this kind of success using Facebook ads.

1. Sponsored Posts
To get people talking about you, sponsor some posts. These posts look just like normal posts and show up on people’s news feeds. The difference is that the post will say “Sponsored” in little gray letters below the post. This is unrecognizable to many, and those who do notice it rarely mind because this kind of advertisement doesn’t bother or annoy. People who aren’t interested can just keep scrolling.

2. Target Your Fan Base
It is cheaper to target your existing fan base than to reach out to everyone. Let your fans reach out by liking, commenting on, and sharing your posts. Your posts will mean more coming from a fan because word of mouth is the most powerful type of advertisement.

3. Engagement Ads
These ads link only to other pages on Facebook rather than external sites. This lets people get to know your business without feeling like you are marketing to them. You can purchase ad space and link people to your own pages on Facebook, including highly customizable apps.

By using these three Facebook ad tips, you can grow your Facebook network. Over time, your network may grow exponentially, and your profits will follow in suit. Begin small, and let your fan base do the heavy lifting. They will be more than happy to participate.

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