How Many People Visit Your Website?

Successfully driving traffic to a website can be done through a variety of methods, but truly understanding what works when running an online campaign is a matter of analyzing results. For information on website traffic and its correlation to online campaigns, Google Analytics can be used.

The number of page views and unique, new visitors to a website are each tracked through use of Google Analytics. For companies that are dealing with a small advertising budget and need to make every penny count, Google Analytics determines whether visitors to a website are profitable for the company by evaluating how many visitors make a purchase.

Targeted Advertising
One component of successfully driving traffic to a website is making sure that advertising campaigns are visible to the target market. Google Analytics helps determine how a company can reach a target market and offers specific keywords that would appeal to people in this demographic in order to drive traffic.

Statistical Analysis
The statistical analysis that is provided by Google Analytics gives companies the ability to understand whether or not a specific online ad campaign has been successful in increasing the number of unique visitors to a website. If a campaign is not successful, companies can rework the text of the company website in order to strategically use search engine optimization (SEO) tools like targeted keywords.

Understanding Traffic Flow
One feature of Google Analytics that allows companies to change content in order to encourage more traffic to a website offers keyword and phrase listings that are commonly used in a search that results in a visit to the website. Knowing what keywords or phrases appeal to a company’s customer base can be beneficial when a company is writing new content, putting together an email campaign or posting on social media for the purposes of driving website traffic.

Quality and User-Friendliness of a Website
Discover whether the company website encourages visitors to make a purchase by evaluating information provided by Google Analytics. If traffic to a website is high while purchases are low, it may be time to look at whether potential customers are able to find what they are looking for when visiting the website. Restructuring the website to create a more natural flow could be the solution.

Website traffic statistics are essential to the success of a business that runs online ad campaigns. Google Analytics provides this information for companies of any size.

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