YouTube Isn’t Just for Silly Videos.

Video-sharing sites are a social dichotomy with a party on one side and business on the other. Websites like YouTube are rife with kitten videos and footage of kids planking, doing the cinnamon challenge and attempting ridiculous stunts, but YouTube offers business owners a lot more. If you think YouTube is only for silly videos, it’s time to reconsider. Today, videos are one of the most powerful marketing options on the web. Here’s why.

1. Visibility
Video results are well-represented in search results. When people see video thumbnails, they are more likely to click. Posting a video on an industry topic is the perfect way to skip to the front of the line and snag a coveted spot on the first page of search results. In fact, relevant video results are often featured before the top webpage entry.

2. Credibility
People go online to find answers. Creating video content that answers questions and establishes credibility is an excellent way to market your business. Videos are great for showcasing your team. Be sure to include a headshot or a combination of digital presentations and narrative footage. Tell potential customers what your company does, and show them why you’re better.

3. Accessibility
Multimedia content is attractive to busy consumers. Videos are like virtual salespeople that never need a vacation. When you post a video, it will be available locally, regionally and globally just like your services. Videos allow small businesses and large enterprises to reach their target audience anywhere and anytime. More than 50 percent of web traffic is currently attributed to video streaming.

4. Affordability
Informative videos can be produced on nearly any budget, and uploading clips to YouTube is free. To make the most of your investment, you can promote your videos across different platforms or embed video clips on your homepage. While some techniques are expensive, PowerPoint presentations and existing content can easily be turned into a budget-friendly video.

5. Potential
Videos have unlimited potential. If you post a helpful, original or creative video, your content could be viewed by countless individuals. Almost any video has the potential to go viral. If your business needs exposure, name recognition or a bigger audience, an original video can help you accomplish all of these goals.

Don’t worry about standing out in a sea of cute kittens. Create and post your first video to see how powerful YouTube is as an interactive marketing platform.

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