Great Brochures are an Essential Sales Tool

Great marketing is about reaching your customers through all sorts of media, and the classic sales brochure is still an extremely effective medium. Brochures help your company establish some credibility; even though customers are becoming more dependent on the Internet to get their information, they still expect a well-run and successful business to produce some printed sales literature. Furthermore, brochures are highly convenient because they allow customers to take them home and read at their leisure. If used correctly, brochures can give a big boost to your sales efforts.

Remember, the purpose of a brochure is to inform your customers, so you will need to carefully consider what your target customer wants to know when putting one together. Put yourself in your typical client’s shoes, consider the questions that he or she is likely to ask about your company, and construct a brochure that answers those questions in a logical sequence. If your company keeps records on frequently asked questions, be sure to consult them when deciding what information to put in your brochure. Brochures constructed in this manner act as great reinforcement for your other marketing efforts: While your special events or offers focus on one part of your business, including a brochure gives customers a look at your business as a whole.

Distributing a well-designed brochure is one of the best ways to reinforce your corporate brand; conversely, distributing a bad brochure is one of the best ways to undermine that brand. Anything you mark with your corporate logo represents your company; thus, customers will project the quality of the brochure onto your product or service. Hold your brochures to the same high quality standards as your products, and don’t hesitate to invest in professional-quality design and production. Every customer who decides not to seek more information thanks to a poorly presented brochure is a lost potential sale.

Above all, your brochure needs to be eye-catching and memorable. Consider altering the shape to mimic your product instead of keeping the standard rectangle, and definitely make the front cover flashy enough to motivate the reader to look inside. Instead of using the interior space to talk about your company, communicate directly with the reader in a conversational style. The best brochures ingrain themselves in readers’ memories by offering some helpful tips free of charge. Doing so builds trust with your potential customers, and that is a huge step on the road to a sale.

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